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Because the World Never Stops Turning...
Grant-Shelton Worldwide Tire is committed to providing quality products for the geophysical field. With over 25 years combined in the geophysical field, Mike Grant and Mike Shelton possess the knowledge and experience required to supply geophysical companies with the applicable product. Grant-Shelton Worldwide Tire travels the globe and strives to meet the demands and diverse needs of its customers. They ensure superior service and product availability to each client.
Mike Grant, Mike Shelton, and the Grant-Shelton Worldwide Tire Team are committed to their customers and community. They make it their mission to take care of the needy in the area. Grant-Shelton works closely with surrounding religious establishments and other non-profit organizations to feed the less fortunate.
Grant-Shelton Grills
Their passion led to the subsidiary company, Grant-Shelton Grills, which sells top quality products to meet your grilling needs.

Discover why these pellet grills are safer for you and the environment compared to either charcoal or gas grills.

For more information regarding current stock and pricing, please contact Mike Grant at 318-442-1430.
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